Remove blocks, transform your life and achieve your goals fast.

Stand Firm

Dealing with loss, despair or fear? I help you overcome it and empower you.

Dream Building

What would you love? Learn the art and science to creating results you want!

Life Mastery

Dial up self mastery skills and achieve bigger, better life goals

Calm Sea

Life Mastery program 6 month 1:1 or  Group     

  • This program is to increase awareness and understanding of how results are created. You will learn more tools and principles that are highly effective and necessary for transformation to take place and for you to actually achieve your goals more easily and quickly.

  • Each month we focus on developing awareness and mastery in a specific aspect of personal growth. Intention, Health, Love, Manifestation, Abundance and Transformation – it requires that we think differently, develop alignment with your authentic self, we seek to expand into abundance, learn the power in the knowledge that everything is created twice – everything has to be a thought before it can become a thing.

  • You will learn to nurture relationships and learn to love others as ourselves. You will have the opportunity to develop probably your most important relationship, the one you have with yourself. 

  • You will come to know what it means to operate from a generative state of gratitude on a daily basis which opens up your ability to receive greater abundance.

  • For true transformation to happen we must deepen understanding on how the universe works, these principles are in fact invisible laws of physics and so they work a certain way. These powerful, spiritual laws work, when you work them.

As soon as you download the online audio lessons, meditations and guidebook you can begin right away.

You will receive:

Weekly online audio lessons in Life Mastery, available 24/7 for your convenience

Weekly 60 minute laser Coaching Calls and Q&A a month with Angie

Monthly audio meditations

Text and email support when needed

Client Guide Workbook    

Lifetime access to all materials

20% discount on Activators or Accelerators Memberships for up to 9 months from start of your LifeMastery Program

Group Investment £3,997
1:1 Investment £6,997

Happy Mature Woman
Man with Tattoo

Becoming Authentically You For Greater Personal Happiness and Success FAST!
Do you have a burning desire to find your true purpose, start or grow your business, find the love of your life or re-kindle a  relationship?  Become the person you know you are meant to be or invest in your health and fitness to go on that adventure? Or have more time to do more of what you love with those who matter most to you?

So, up until now - what has stopped you from achieving your dreams and goals or even getting started?

What is it costing you not to reach your goals or break free from what is holding you hostage?
What would it mean to you to feel confident, empowered, content and certain in your ability to master your life in ways that bring you the joy, fulfilment relationships, health and wealth you have always wanted?


Would you love to receive 2 x Rapid Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions and expert, personalized laser coaching with Angie to support you in re-connecting and fully appreciating the person you really are.
I will support and guide you in

  • developing a greater level of consciousness in thinking and creating

  • re-patterning hidden limiting beliefs for greater freedom, joy and fulfillment 

  • creating your crystal clear vision of your ‘dream’ life – what you really want! 

  • Developing your strengths and your personal and professional goals 

  • generating the opportunity for self compassion and intuition to flourish 

  • increasing clarity, confidence  and awareness to make important decisions for greater success 

  • diving deeper into working with the universal laws and principles for breakthrough results 

  • learning daily practices that reinforce commitment and autonomic motivation 

  • accountability and  awareness to ensure maximum effectiveness and reducing ‘drift’ or the fall out effects of paradigms that can slow or stop you from  achieving success with ease and flow 

  • turning up the volume on your ability to be a match emotionally and vibrationally for your dream

  • your ability to consistently act upon inspored thoughts and ideas that will be the next best steps in the direction of your desired dreams and goals


What you receive   
As soon as you download the online audio lessons, meditations and guidebook you can begin right away and you have lifetime access to all materials.
2 x 90 minute Rapid Transformational Therapy sessions & personalized hypnotic recording – please see the Program page for
detailed information on the RTT Process
Weekly online audio lessons in DreamBuilding - Life Mastery - Working with the Law - Into your Genius - available 24/7 for your
 Bi-monthly Teachings and Coaching Calls with Angie up to 60 mins
 2 x 30 minute lazer Coaching Calls per month by arrangement
 Monthly audio meditations
 Client Guide Workbook
 Email and text support when required
 25% discount off Activators or Accelerators Membership for up to 18
months from starting the LifeMastery VIP Gold Program

Life Mastery VIP Gold

Asuper-charged, customized 12 month programe for phenomenal transformation



Additional Support and Laser Coaching

Single x 30 minutes £75   

Single x 60 minutes  £140

Block of 5 x 60 minute (over 60 days – buy 5 for price of 4) £560 

Email support as needed                 

Gold Liquid

If you feel eager to take your life and spiritual evolution to another level and would like to learn how to co-create your results by design and live a life you love!

Book a FREE Clarity Call with Angie.

 Find out what you would love to be, do and have to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life!