Remove blocks, transform your life and achieve your goals fast.

Stand Firm

Dealing with loss, despair or fear? I help you overcome it and empower you.

Dream Building

What would you love? Learn the art and science to creating results you want!

Life Mastery

Dial up self mastery skills and achieve bigger, better life goals

Calm Sea

Self Discovery Programs for Living a Life You Love


Everyone wants to do better than they are doing, but we cannot expect to achieve better results in our lives if we are not aware of our paradigms and the image we hold of ourselves. Paradigms are our habits of being, it’s our programming.    

Most people do not actually know why they think, say and do things the way they do.  We can go through our whole lives totally unaware of how we get in our own way and literally block what we really want coming to us. The programs listed here show you how to increase awareness, improve skills and acquire the transformational knowledge and tools required for you to bring your dreams into form and the true gift is who you become in the process.

dreambuilder coaching

Dreambuilder program 12 weeks 1:1                                                    

This program delivers the key requirements necessary to create the results you would really love in your life by design, rather than by default. This proven, reliable, repeatable, step by step system of transformation offers the support structure that increases your ability to bring your dreams into your reality more easily and quickly.  The sequential structure of the course builds upon a crystal clear vision of a life you would love. When defining your dream you have the opportunity to ask yourself “What would I love?” We explore why you have not been able to achieve the results you would love up until now. I assist you in developing greater understanding of your self image and how this may have impacted upon your life and how to breakthrough these constrictive belief systems. You will learn how to recognise, face and overcome your fears, deepen your connection to your inner being and truly know what matters most to you.  With an increased awareness you will have greater confidence in your ability to make better choices when facing challenges as you close the gap between where you are now to where you are living a life you love!


As soon as you download the online audio lessons, meditations and guidebook you can begin right away. You will receive

Weekly Online Audio lessons available 24/7 to watch at your convenience

12 x Weekly 60 minute live Coaching zoom call and Q&A


Client guide book   

Lifetime access to all recorded materials

Text and email support when needed 

20% discount on Activators or Accelerators Memberships for up to 6 months from starting your DreamBuilder program

Group investment £1,497

1:1 investment £2,997



Additional Support and Laser Coaching

Single x 30 minutes £75   

Single x 60 minutes  £140

Block of 5 x 60 minute (over 60 days – buy 5 for price of 4) £560 

Email support as needed                 

Gold Liquid

If you feel eager to take your life and spiritual evolution to another level and would like to learn how to co-create your results by design and live a life you love!

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