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Rapid Transformational Therapy


Find root cause + 30 days of Support and Laser Coaching  £420

RTT Session (approx. 90 minutes)

Your Unique Personalised Hypnotic Recording to powerfully embed new positive mindset

2 x 30 minute Laser Coaching Calls to support you in this empowering phase of change

1 x Discovery call – a review of where you are now, gain clarity on what is next for you and what you really need in the next chapter of living the life you love.

Email and text support as needed  


During your hypnotherapy session we reveal the hidden blocks and root cause of the imbalance, unwanted results or negative issues that have kept you stuck or prevented you from being your true authentic self and living life as the best version of you. 

The person who is confident, not anxious or doubtful, the person who knows they are good enough and is not self-critical or judgemental, the person who is free from limiting beliefs and fear and enjoys life because they love who they are…that person is you! Listening daily to your personalized hypnotic recording is extremely positive and powerful. You are re-wiring and re-firing your new neural pathways to match the truth of who you are, minus the sabotaging, damaging, self-image you have acquired from the past! The results can be life changing. Usually one Rapid Trasnformational Therapy session is enough.

We work together during your laser coaching calls to powerfully and positively impact your self-image and power up your potential. You develop greater clarity and certainty in making decisions and taking inspired action that moves you forward in the direction of the life you would love to live. You are the highest authority on YOU and now you are free to decide and act in alignment with your true authentic self in ways that bring you a life of greater joy, fulfillment, abundance and peace!                                       

The Power of 3 RTT Sessions for deep trauma, addiction, loss, heartbreak etc

3 x payments of £390

1 x payment of £1,140 


Remove blocks, transform your life and achieve your goals fast.

Stand Firm

Dealing with loss, despair or fear? I help you overcome it and empower you.

Dream Building

What would you love? Learn the art and science to creating results you want!

Life Mastery

Dial up self mastery skills and achieve bigger, better life goals



Additional Support and Laser Coaching

Single x 30 minutes £75   

Single x 60 minutes  £140

Block of 5 x 60 minute (over 60 days – buy 5 for price of 4) £560 

Email support as needed                 

Gold Liquid

Book a FREE Clarity Call with Angie.

 Find out what you would love to be, do and have to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life!