"The hypnotherapy session was life changing for me. Angie was amazing during the hypnotherapy session. She guided me through my childhood experiences and helped me to clear them and make peace with them, so they no longer affect my life. The recording that she provided after our session deeply resonated with me. She chose words that are uplifting, inspiring and meaningful. 

Further to my Rapid Transformational Therapy session Angie has worked with me for a further month as the Mind-Body Tuning Coach helping me deepen my awareness and incorporate tools and processes that have empowered me and increased my confidence and certainty in making decisions for myself.  

Her Spiritual knowledge is really remarkable. Angie's personality is very kind and supportive. I have done coaching before, but Angie's support has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her and I truly can assure that you will be in caring and loving hands while working on your self-improvement.

Angie responded to my messages without delay after our initial session and truly set me up for success to come. After working with Angie I feel positive, uplifted, inspired and in charge of my life. Angie has a special gift in helping to release unwanted patterns that were not serving me any longer. I couldn't have asked for more amazing support and care.

Angie, thank you so much for everything you do! Thank you for being so caring and supportive and for dedicating your life in helping people in such a deep and meaningful way!  I am grateful from the bottom of my heart that the Universe guided me to you!"

Daiga, Canada

"I met Angie for RTT in November. I was feeling low in mood, lethargic and burdened, both by past and present painful situations that I just wanted to stop. I'd not been hypnotised before - I’m a medic, we believe in ‘real’ science! Ever so slightly sceptical, I decided to give RTT a chance as nothing else was working and I was stuck. 


Hypnosis by Angie wasn’t really like anything I’ve experienced. I never once felt ‘put under’ or ‘out of control’. I felt comfortable. Angie has one of those voices you can just listen to forever. I felt safe - and hopeful.  The lessons learned were very simply achieved by looking back at past events as an outsider and reframing the experiences from a child’s perspective to the adult that I am now. Through RTT and listening to my personal recording from Angie in the evenings, my emotional pain from past events and current physical pain has been turned around.   


Although RTT is successful after one session, I personally went on to have two more, this was for a few reasons; I had a few things going on (as I mentioned earlier) and after listening to my first recording decided to be brave and dig deeper to address a different issue. I also developed a severe illness which requires lots of pain relief, so I returned to Angie for her help, which was very successful in reducing my pain levels and need for strong painkillers. 


I was and am bowled over by RTT and Angie. She’s warm, inspiring, genuine, extremely good at what she does (coming from a non-believer this is huge) and phenomenal. This process can and will change your life, past, present, and future.  If you want to free yourself from your past, live differently now and/or make a new positive future, what are you waiting for? Angie and RTT will do this.”

Nicola, Herts



"RTT is one of the best things I have ever done. I was reluctant before the session but Angie has such a calm and relaxing demeanour that made the process of opening up so much easier. I went in with a couple of things in mind that I wanted to improve in my life and came away with three times that level of improvement!  The technique allows you to access parts of your mind you’d never ever think you could. The experience was very eye opening and is a definite no-brainer for anyone looking to address some things in their life. I feel more motivated about life and it’s definitely given me clearer mind in general. I will be back to see Angie and I cannot recommend her enough!"

Louis, Herts



"My RTT session with Angie focused on discovering where I acquired the fear of public speaking. Angie is as professional as she is compassionate; I could not have been in safer hands. She very skilfully and thoroughly guided me through the scenes I regressed back to, helped me make sense of everything and created a wonderful recording that I love so much that I often listen to twice a day. Following the session, I immediately felt better, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I feel so much more confident now and just days after the session I spoke up in a situation that I would have usually shied away from and the best bit is that it took zero willpower to do so. In my experience, RTT is the only therapy that removes the need for the use of willpower. It really is so incredibly liberating. Angie listens when it’s necessary and guides you when you need help. She is a wonderful Therapist and I can’t recommend her highly enough."

Kate W



"I had a huge fear of needles, and particularly having blood tests, to the point of feeling physically sick and so, after speaking to Angie I decided to give RTT  a try. My level of anxiety for needles at the start of the session was 10. I really didn’t know how or if RTT would work for me but Angie used methods that made me think and feel totally different.  By the end of the session, I felt relaxed and calm and my anxiety had gone down to a 5. I didn’t feel sick anymore. After 3 weeks of listening to my personalised recording every day I felt that I could definitely cope with having an injection. When I did have to go for a blood test, I actually felt tired of worrying about it, my thought pattern was "I need to get this done and prove to myself I can do this” and it was fine! I am so pleased with myself. Thank you"

Margaret, Luton



"I actually had 50 sessions of personal therapy before I found Angie and RTT. Despite this, I had regular bouts of depression, each one requiring a herculean effort to drag myself up out of. Through Rapid Transformational Therapy, I discovered the behind my struggles and beliefs and now, with that new understanding, my mindset has changed. I feel empowered, excited and clear and I know I can decide exactly how I want my life to be with nothing to hold me back. I'd previously had many, many weeks of counselling, which had helped in some respects but not completely. Since my session with Angie I've not felt down or depressed at all and every day feels exciting- after one session! RTT is fantastic and Angie is so lovely - she has completely changed my life.

Jen, London


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