If you want to receive support, guidance and information that is proven to help you overcome any challenges you may be facing and do so fast, you are in the right place to make the changes you would like in your life. 

RTT (hypnotherapy) sets you FREE and puts you on the path to positive, permanent transformation often in one 90 minute session. You receive personal support from me for 30 days, along with your personalized hypnotic recording.


You can work with me from 30 days to 12 months, all courses and programs are designed and delivered within a proven, reliable structure of support enabling you to truly become the person you are meant to be so that you can do and have more of what you would love in your life.

You learn tips, tools and teachings that support your personal growth,  you become more confident, certain, empowered and knowledgeable about who you are, what is important to you and how your mind works. When you get to understand and work with the universal laws that operate all the time - just like the laws of gravity and electricity - you can create more of the results you would love in your life more easily and quickly than you ever realised.

I support you every step of the way.


Let’s get you going straight away from as little as £197 – book your FREE call with me and you can get crystal clear about what you really want, what’s stopping you from getting it and what the next best step is for you.


Remove blocks, transform your life and achieve your goals fast.

Stand Firm

Dealing with loss, despair or fear? I help you overcome it and empower you.

Dream Building

What would you love? Learn the art and science to creating results you want!

Life Mastery

Dial up self mastery skills and achieve bigger, better life goals

Gold Liquid

Book a FREE Clarity Call with Angie.

 Find out what you would love to be, do and have to live a happy, healthy and fulfilled life!