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Hi there beautiful people! So how are you doing?

healthy living

You are meant to radiate health and well-being. But do you really know that you own a body that has the highest level of soft technology on the planet! It has the innate intelligence, the exact processes and activations for the release of chemicals and hormones to keep your in a balanced, excellent state of health with a robust immune system. You are amazing – don’t you agree?! But it is our responsibility to give our bodies what it needs, and the problem is, often we give it poor quality “foodstuffs” which greatly compromises our health and well-being on all levels. It does not have to be that way. You can change this for yourself.

Life and living is meant to be beautiful and it can be, but you have to decide that for yourself. You have to love and value yourself enough to put yourself first and give your body and mind what it needs, nutritionally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually. Health is not merely an absence of disease. It is more than that.

When you begin optimizing your health you want to make clear decisions about what you are going to change and in what way. Your health has to matter to you. So if you are eager and happy with the changes you want to make you will find that the new habits that create your new lifestyle will be strong enough to win over the old, not so good habits. Really its about ‘setting yourself up for success!’ in creating a healthy lifestyle that sustains a vibrant, effective immune system for a life you love living.

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When you take time to tune into yourself and decide to be more responsible, caring and nurturing to yourself the issues you may have around poor sleep, poor confidence or self-esteem, feeling depressed, low energy, aches and pains, headaches and so on literally start to dissolve. The reason for that is because you are showing to yourself that your feelings matter. Acknowledging that, is incredibly powerful in shifting the negative to the positive and creating a better version of yourself, for yourself.

So lets get started!

Part 1 - Just check into yourself and ask the question?

What is coming up for me?

1) Physically ….. aches, pains, sleep, low energy, illness?

2) Mentally………. stress, constantly circulating thoughts, low mood, anxiety?

3) Emotionally……depressed, flat, tearful, angry?

Some of these “symptoms” may overlap…..all body systems and aspects of yourself, physically, spiritually, emotionally etc. are all interlinked…they are not separate from one another

Once you’ve identified the issues you don’t want or wish to improve such as low energy (vibration) poor sleep, illness, stress, the “negative” thoughts and so on that you are feeling…just acknowledge them…let yourself really tune into the feelings.They are what they are, don’t try and resist them.

Close your eyes and take a few breaths if that feels good for you.

Part 2 - Write down a few sentences and enquire within yourself by asking the question - What is possibly the root cause of what I have just observed about myself right now? Say to your self, I feel …….. ( anxious, tired, irritated, angry?) and it is showing up in my body as ……. (pain, depression, headache, binge eating)

And I notice it is stopping me from - doing what I really want to do


It is keeping me stuck, I’m doing things I don’t want to do every day to keep others happy, I am making me unhappy, it’s making me give up on myself, I keep criticizing myself and others, I need to stand up for myself better…. etc.)

I want you to tune into the thoughts and feelings …so you connect between your mind and heart.

Acknowledge them, feel and accept them even more deeply this time as you write your thoughts and feelings down.….don’t try and fight them, or resist them. I want you to open your heart and close your eyes and breathe, breathe, breathe about 6-10 deep slow breaths and really feel what is going on inside your heart.

Part 3 - Okay so well done! Now let go of fighting all of this, and just say to yourself, the past has caused what is happening right now.


But right now I want to change this in myself, and I am taking responsibility for how I feel about ‘me’ right now. DEEP breath in and out 3 times

Make a change and be the change you want in your world…..

Now from the following lists I would like you to choose between 1 -3 things you are going to change in your life for the next 7 days, then if you would like to, please go to the Acitvate and Accelerate membership Facebook group and write down in the comments what you have chosen to do!

This is powerful because you are making a declaration to yourself and declaring it by putting it in the group. If you can tell a friend, a family member or even your pet or just state to the universe out loud…it will add to your sense of determination, certainty and knowing that you can take charge and improve yourself and your life - right now!

Below is a list of 6 things that will immediately begin to improve the health you really want to have for yourself and start to boost your immune system today!

drink water

1) Drink more water.

Quality - not from the tap or from plastic water bottles. The easiest way is to have the best water filter in your home you can afford and then pour it into your own reusable bottles to take with you. Just check that reusable plastic bottles are free from a substance called BPA. It will state on the label. Another good source of water is from mineral water bought in glass bottles.

Quantity …. Ideally between 2-4 litres of water a day. It is also best that you do not continually sip water through the day. Instead, drink a good third to half a litre and then repeat between 6-8 times every day. Your body can regulate and utilize what water it needs when you provide a good amount in one go. The body gauges what it needs, expelling what it doesn’t and so provides a better ‘flushing’ out of the system.

2) Vitamin D supplements for improving health and immunity. Please research how much you require. It is often stated that the majority of us are depleted in many vitamins and minerals as the soils in which our foods grow are depleted.

Please contact me directly if you require some more information about supplementation and optimal amounts.

3) Vitamin C supplements ( as above) Please submit any questions via email or in the Activate and Accelerate Facebook group and I will do my best to answer them for you.

(Other supplement recommendations for you to look at include, Zinc, Selenium and a good general multi-mineral vitamin and Vit B complex ( meaning the different varieties eg, B6, B12 etc.)

4) Stop/reduce buying and eating packaged and processed foods

For example - bread, ready made meals, pot noodles, biscuits, cakes, and refined foods such as sugar, flour etc. It is of course your choice. Reducing is a great place to start, but make it a clear decision. For example, I’m only going to eat bread at weekends. Or only eat pasta once a week instead of 3 times a week and so on.

So just start to consider what you could do, start to notice what you could swap with these foods and how you can include more of the foods that are as ‘alive’ and enlivening to the cells in your body.

Plant based foods contain much higher levels of nutritional benefit such as vitamins, minerals, phenols and anti-oxidants (fresh, more locally grown vegetables, salads and fruits , eg blueberries, strawberries etc.)

I will go over the benefits and the impacts food have upon our health in future

Heart Huddle zoom calls. Please submit any questions via email or in the Activate and Accelerate Facebook group and I will do my best to answer them for you. Links to the Heart Huddle Zoom calls will be found in this Activate and Accelerate group too.


5) Ramp up your exercise.

Why exercise? – maintaining a good level of physical fitness, strength and flexibility is part and parcel of a good level of health and resilient immune system. It also helps to keep levels of excess body fat down which is well documented to contribute directly and indirectly to the vast majority of illnesses, imbalances and disease, many of them life threatening. The good news is we can do something about that quickly and exercise is one of the positively contributing factors. You just have to decide to get going….and you are off!

What type of exercise? …. Either change what you normally do, increase weight, put more ‘oomph in the workout to challenge you. Get a personal trainer or a training buddy to do your exercise together. Borrow someone’s dog to take for a walk, Take up jogging/running. Cycle, swim, join in classes on utube, dance round your living room to great music, gardening, etc. Join a gym, get a personal trainer or Pilates instructor to get you going for a few weeks or months and you definitely can be in a whole different place within weeks.

When? ….. whatever you decide to do, make a conscious choice to do more than you are currently doing. So for example, if you don’t usually take part in an organized form of exercise, then you may be active, but to get fitter you will need to do more and to create a an exercise regime, don’t over face yourself. Start with setting the timer on your phone for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and then walk briskly until the time is up. Then just walk home at a comfortable pace. Do this every day! Or build up to 3 really good bouts of exercise a week. This becomes part of your lifestyle, you will get to feel really good doing it! You just have to decide to do it! (You are not likely to be valuing yourself if you cannot find between 15 – 30 mins a day minimum to spend 100% on your body’s ability to exercise.)

A HEART HUDDLE ALERT HERE! Zoom call on everything to do with exercise is happening and yes we will acutally be trying some exercise out too! It will be fun!

6) Reduce your stress - Meditate or find 15 minutes of calm relaxation daily.

Meditation is well documented to benefit health mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Anything new is like learning a language or strengthening a muscle, you have to practice it and repeat it frequently, preferably daily. Stress is the main contributory factor to ill health and the main reason for that is because it suppresses the immune system. Meditation therefore is a great way to counteract the ill effects of stress.

Give meditation a go and you will begin to observe that your base level of stress is dissolving. You will tend not to ‘react’ to people and situations so much. Life becomes easier, goes with more flow and you have a greater sense of well being in your heart and mind. Finding ways to reduce stress is a whole other topic and I will again be doing a zoom Heart Huddle class on meditation in the near future so watch out for future notifications if this is something you would like to incorporate into your life more.

Alternatively, just sitting quietly at home in your garden for 10-15 minutes a day not on your phone, computer or TV, is a great way to connect with yourself and peacefully, simply just be a Human ‘being’ rather than a Human ‘doing’ …..breathe 3 deep breaths, relax, enjoy a feeling of space and calm. Walking or being in nature is always nourishment for the soul

Well have fun being with yourself as you go through the above questions, just spend a bit of time contemplating and questioning what you can do that will help to feel better about yourself and the level of health and immunity you enjoy. There are always things we be better at, its about being aware and knowing that it really is our choice entirely, no pressure. Keep in touch and let me know how you get on.

Wishing you love and light and I look forward to seeing your comments and questions about this topic and meeting you on the next Heart Huddle zoom call and the links to these will be found on the free Accelerate and Activate Members Facebook group so do join up! I will see you there!

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