Feelings are Feedback

Three tools to amplify your ability to attract


Just as we don’t get to not think, we are constantly ‘feeling’ something as a result of our thinking and what we believe.

As you read this, take a few breaths in and out and tune into how you are feeling…. and now find two or three words to describe the emotions you are feeling right now.

Once you have identified your current feelings get curious about what is behind those feelings. What have you been thinking about? Do you have something that has been niggling you for some time but you are pushing it down? Are you responding or reacting to something or someone that sparked some judgmental or self-critical thoughts about yourself? Perhaps you have been experiencing good times and you feel in high spirits yet you tell yourself it can’t last?

“Nothing is good or bad, its our thinking that makes it so”


No matter what is showing up in our lives its not good or bad unless we make it so in our minds. It is our thinking that causes us to feel a certain way and in turn what we do or don’t do. The results that show up in our lives are largely a consequence of everything we have or have not done up until this moment. This is truly great to know because this means that if we don’t like our results we can go right back to our thinking and beliefs, change them for better ones and so elicit different and more favourable results. This is a recipe that if you follow can help you to advance more effectively and quickly in the direction you would love your life to go.

Your feelings represent a truly valuable and powerful feedback system that responds to what is happening in your life. If you are subject to some situation, condition or circumstance that causes you to be fearful, embarrassed, frustrated or angry for example, you will react according to your usual pattern of behavior and it will create the usual or expected sets of results. Your habit of being simply creates more of the same until such time as you choose to think and be different. It is easy to see how when you are stuck in an unconscious habitual way of thinking, feeling and responding, you can acquire a belief that life happens ‘to’ me. You see yourself as helpless and incapable waiting, hoping and wishing for things to get better for you.

But this way of thinking and believing is precisely what keeps us stuck because we are ignoring or are unaware that although there may be things going on we cannot control, we can control how we choose to respond to anything we face. Just see it for what it is, neutral. Not good or bad. Are you going to let it control you, or are you going to control you?

As Einstein said,

“Everything is energy. That is all there is to it. Match the frequency of what

you want and it must be yours. There can be no other way.

This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

Everything is energy and that includes you and me. We are all energetic, spiritual light-beings living in a human body. It is scientifically proven that not only do we emit energy from our bodies but our thoughts and the resultant feelings we have resonate and vibrate energetically at a certain frequency. We are literally like individual broadcasting stations and the frequency we emit corresponds and matches exactly what we think, believe and feel.


When we feel depressed, worried, doubtful and anxious because of what we face in life we will announce that we feel low. When we are elated and feel joy, excitement and enthusiasm we say we are on a high. I’m sure you have had experiences of both highs and lows in your life but when on a high, how successful were you in amplifying or maintaining the highs? When you felt low, how quickly and easily were you able to raise your feelings and your vibration to a higher and more pleasing frequency? Perhaps before now you had not realized that you have the power of choice available to you in every moment and you can exert that power by identifying the ‘feeling feedback’ and if it is not what you really want or love you can in that moment switch the focus of your thinking onto what you would prefer. This small shift in your mindset can literally change the course of events in that instant and initiate a better set of feelings, causing a better and higher level of vibration. You will now attract to you things that match the frequency you are on. This is the physics part that Einstein is exemplifying. Who you are, who you believe yourself to be matches the results that show up in your life.

According to research by Dr. David Hawkins and his Scale of Consciousness every thought, emotion and every action we take causes its own energetic frequency. For example, shame is the lowest emotional energetic frequency at 20 whereas fear is at 100, anger 150 love at 500, joy at 540 and peace 600, with enlightenment between 700-1000.

The more consciously aware we are at being able to calibrate and choose how we want to feel opens up all manner of possibilities, people, situations and opportunities to come to us that match the energetic frequency we are broadcasting.

Your feelings matter, they deeply matter because its physics! When we have a greater awareness and desire to feel good and we make how we feel important, we can be more mindful and better prepared to take steps and make decisions that will keep our feelings on a higher frequency. We cannot attract to us the things we want or would love if we are not already on the vibration that is a match for what we want to bring to us. This is largely how the Law of Attraction works. So you can see there is nothing more important than that you feel good as much as possible.


So I have a three tools to help you in increasing your awareness and choosing more positive and empowering thoughts and beliefs that will support those higher good feeling vibrations that are a match for the good you would love to attract into your life


Accept what ever happens – it is what it is …but don’t allow it to control you. If you choose to believe it is bad, you run the risk of your thoughts thinking things such as, “Why has this gone wrong? Why has it happened to me again? I don’t need this! This is awful! When will things get better? This will render you powerless and feeling like a victim and you are not.


Look for better questions and thoughts such as, What could I do differently next time so this doesn’t happen again. Well it is what it is but I am not going to let it ruin my day. I can take the action I need to in this moment and look to focus on what I would love more of in my life in the next 10 minutes/24 hours. I am choosing to be calm and see it for what it is. I know I can find a solution to this that will cause me to be more than I have known in the past. You can feel better AND overcome your challenge. This is not in denial of difficulties but despite them.


The more you put your attention on what is not wanted the more you will amplify the energetic frequency of it! This is activating the Law of Attraction as it works perfectly whether you are choosing to think and feel on frequency of excitement and joy or a frequency of fear and irritation So let go of what you cannot control, take action where necessary on what you can, but most importantly put your attention on what you would love more of to show up in your life and take your focus off what you would like less or none of. Where attention goes, energy flows!

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