Your dreams are still alive in you – how would it feel to live them?

There is an incredibly powerful and magnificent part of your mind that can take you off to somewhere magical that no one else can ever get to see. The pictures you can dream up on the screen of your mind are unlimited. The miraculous ability of the human mind to imagine is the source of incredible inventions, creations and solutions that, if left to the logical mind would almost certainly never have become a reality! Such as the electric light bulb, flying or indeed developing our own ability to direct our thoughts and control our minds and bodies through meditation and increased self-awareness. Everything has been created twice. First in thought, in someone’s imagination, before it became a thing.

You have this incredible ability of imagining and you are far, far more than you have ever realized because of this powerful gift you have been born with.

There are no boundaries to what is possible to dream up in our minds except for the limitations we place upon ourselves.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere”


In your imagination you experience the emotions that match your thinking. You may notice feelings of inner peace, joy, exhilaration and fun when you dream of what you love to do and with whom you love to do it, but how often do you dare to go to that place in your mind? Do you allow yourself to ask, ”What would I love?” What if I could …? Or, “I would love to do, be or have that in my life?”

We are all creators!

If we are breathing we are thinking and creating results in our lives. When we get clear about what we would love, what we really want to do and who we want to be, then this crafts a clearer, more directed and deliberate path for us to follow. This will cause us to feel greater motivation and eagerness about doing what is necessary to bring our hopes and dreams into our reality more quickly. Wishing, waiting, hoping does not produce the level of desire and commitment necessary to go for your dreams. You have to decide for it and if your dream is important enough to you the burning desire inside you will grow and help harness your energy and your will to accomplish and live your dreams.

Build your Dream Now!

PART 1 - What do you dream of?

1) Write down what you would really love to have in your life. Don’t worry about ‘how’ it will come about at the moment, that comes in part 3.

2) Make this dream BIG enough, not just a goal. It needs to make you feel excited, alive, feel in love with it. It is the reason ‘why’ you are going to be doing, being and imagining what you need to in order to make this dream take form.

3) Write it in the present tense as if it is 2 or 3 years from now, and everything has worked out just how you wanted it.

Read your dream every day and add in or take out things as you go, remembering that placing your attention on what you love using your imagination creates the feelings and therefore the vibration that matches exactly what is attracted to you.

“Everything is energy. That is all there is to it.

Match what it is you want and it must be yours. This is physics, not philosophy”


Of course not everyone has a desire to be an inventor, record breaker, celebrity or top earner. The unique gifts, talents and potential you have are inextricably linked to the hopes and dreams you wish to bring forth. They are the substance by which with your willingness, commitment, energy and action brings forth that which you desire to create in your life.

Many of us have allowed our dreams to be crushed and stomped on. Only to discover that later on in life we have settled for less and we have become less than we could potentially be, instead of becoming more than we have ever known ourselves to be. We have been sucked into a belief system that has gradually squeezed out the life of our true potential and we have become disconnected with our unique personalities, characters, gifts and talents that are seeking to be expressed in the world for the good of all!

But now you can set yourself free and jump right in with both feet. There may be things going on in your life now that you may not prefer but choosing for what you want does not have to be an either, or. It can be a ‘this’, ‘AND’! Not in denial of what’s going on but despite it. You can be enthusiastic and determined to put more of your energy on what you would prefer and take consistent action steps to resolve or overcome challenges as well as moving you forward to realizing your dreams. Where you let your imagination goes matters. So just notice if yours is being placed more on what you don’t want, and be deliberate in putting greater emphasis on what you do want.

PART 2 – What do you want to have less or none of?

1) What causes you the most worry, doubt or anxiety?

2) How long has this been going on?

3) What would it feel like to resolve this?

We have all had dreams but somehow we have given up on them as we let in the beliefs that destroy them telling ourselves that they are not important and don’t fit in with how the world really works. Having big ideas, goals or dreams can easily be shot down by others who may tell you, you don’t have the qualifications, or any qualifications! You’re too old for that. What makes you think you can do that? Where are you going to find the time? The money?

Throughout school and work we are encouraged and expected to work hard to excel in what we are good at and to do better at what we are not good at. To get a good enough job to pay for what we need or if we are lucky enough, smart enough and work hard enough we can secure a job with lots of pay. This is how the world today views success. Money, things and power. But what of your happiness? Your health? What of the nature of your business? Does it serve people for their highest good. How much satisfaction, joy, fulfillment and aliveness has it given you or others?

What does success really look like and what does it mean to you?

According to Deepak Chopra success is, “effortlessly, achieving your deepest desires”

You have external values (possessions, money, our self image etc.) and internal values (pride, fulfillment, self-appreciation) of success but really success is about what is most important to you.

How to make your Dream a reality

Now you are crystal clear about wjat you do want and what you don’t want, how do you get it into your life? Well this is where the spiritual and energetic side of your nature comes into its own.

You have access to the infinite, you are part of it, it does not live in you, in fact you live within the source energy of the infinite. It is you. It’s the source of everything yet created and yet to be created – including your desires and intentions. The deeper you are connected to your desires and tuned into your imagination the more deeply connected you are to the infinite mind that knows all things. This is the most powerful, incredible, inspirational source that you have access to at all times and can bring your ideas into your reality more quickly than you ever thought possible. Turn up the volume on your awareness, be open to receiving inspired thoughts, ideas, questions or decisions and then taking action on them. This ‘voice’, gut feeling or inner guidance system is something that is your greatest support and help and with practice you will become better and better at being willing to listen to it.

When you are open to more fully accept the infinite side of your nature and work with it by focusing your attention on your dream, you are now a vibrational match for it. When you think thoughts of your dream it makes you feel wonderful, happy, zealous and enlivened, therefore, as you are an energetic light being, what you dream of must come to you as it is on the same vibrational frequency that you are emitting. How it works is actually physics.

PART 3 – How to move towards my dream?

1) Now that you have your dream clearly written down and you feel what it is like living in that dream, write down one thing you can do today that will move you forward towards your dream.

2) And now, still being the person you are feeling in your dream, what is one thing you can do to help resolve any obstacle or struggle you’re facing that you would like to be free of or improve upon.

3) Using this affirmation many times a day and work though these same 3 parts for 30 days begin to close the gap from where you are to where you want to be, today.


I am clear in my vision and committed in my heart and soul.

I feel excited, uplifted and motivated in whatever I do now

Everything is coming together for me.

I invite it in and I am a match for it now

I let go of any doubt, worry or resistance, there is always a solution

I love my dream life.

If you would love to learn the art and science of success and build your Dream, bridge the gap from where you are to where you really want to be, then please look at the “DreamBuilder Programs” on the Program page or book a FREE Clarity Call with me and we can discover what has been holding you back or preventing you from getting what you want and find out what your next best step is so that you can bring your Dream right into your reality.

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I love to know how you are getting on and if I can help along the way just drop in your questions at will help serve everyone too. Thank you and have fun with it.

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