"RTT is one of the best things I have ever done - a definite no-brainer for anyone looking to address some things in their life.  I went in with a couple of things in mind that I wanted to improve in my life and came away with three times that level of improvement! I cannot recommend Angie enough!"



Developed by Marisa Peer, Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is gaining huge traction and popularity across the world because it is ideal for today’s time-poor client who no longer wishes to commit the time for several sessions of ‘talking’ therapy and because it has been proven to be so effective, in mostly just one session, for a huge range of physical and emotional issues, where traditional ‘talking’ therapies over several sessions may have failed.


During an RTT session the client is guided into a state of light hypnosis in which the client is awake and in full control at all times. Using the unique RTT techniques and processes, the client is guided and supported to locate and process the precise memory or event in their past that caused their issue, which could be anything from a lack of self-esteem or confidence through to weight issues, smoking, drug and alcohol addiction, stutters and other physical problems, even fertility issues.


A free, 15-minute consultation where we reveal the main issue that sabotages you from enjoying your ideal life. This starting point is a vitally important and significant step in the process - it shows you are committed to taking back your power and that you want to create positive change in your life.

Over an approximately 90-minute Skype or face-to-face session, we uncover the deeper reason underlying your issues, free you from the hold they have over you, change and reprogram your belief system and create new positive, empowering thoughts and beliefs.You will be in a deep meditative state, and in full control.  We talk to each other to unravel and reveal the source of your hurt/fears etc. I cannot stress enough how powerful and life changing this is. I am constantly blown away by the incredible transformations of my clients.


You will receive your own personalised recording to reinforce and support you in your transformation from the session. It is vital that you commit to listening to this recording at least once a day for 21 days. This recording is unique to you. It contains the precise elements revealed from your RTT session. By using repetition, the new, positive and empowering instructions are used to re-program your sub-conscious mind. Your subconscious mind always does what it thinks you want it to do. So we give it clear, meaningful, instructions about what we choose to believe now. Beliefs that free and empower you and that have an all-pervasive, permanent, positive impact on all areas of your life – forever.


  • Throughout your 21 day Integration period, I offer support by email or text.

  • At the end of the Integration period, I will call to chat and connect with you and hear about your new positive experiences, the things you have noticed that have improved for you personally and also in other areas of your life.

  • Approximately 2 months after your RTT session, I will arrange a second 30-minute call (voice or Skype) to see how you are feeling and to hear about the positive changes you have experienced in yourself and in your life.